Winter Clothes Tips

Below are some tips for wearing winter clothes.

Mid Layer

A lot of people believe that a considerable parka is required to stay warm during the cold. But that is not true, and what you need is a layer for good breathing ability. You can utilize a fleece mid-layer or a lightweight down mid-layer. You can also choose between two mid-layers but that should depend on the current temperature and the activity you engage yourself. It’s a perfect outfit for you if you’re tubing down a track or sitting on a snowmobile. If you’re working up a sweat snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, fleece should be your choice. For bottoms, we also recommend fleece pants. For freezing days, a heavier coat is ideal.

Outer Layer

Owning a windproof and waterproof outer shell helps seal in the warmth. Although you need to wear proper layers underneath, the shell will stop the wind from breaking through the layers. Wool and fleece can also keep you warm, but they are ineffective in the wind and its elements require protection. There are few outer layer outfits perfect for winter like the Waterproof Gore-Tex Shell Jacket which works for all outdoor activities.

Another example is a pair of Gore-Tex pants, and a waterproof lightweight Gore-Tex pant is perfect for activities in the wet snow or freezing rain. Ensure it has vents and zippers to enable the flow of air. Vents can cool you down without stripping.

Warm Layer

During Winter, there are times when heavy jackets are needed. If you are spending the day outdoors snowshoeing or engaging in several activities without a small hut or chalet to warm up in, you need a warm coat. One excellent example is a heavy 800 count down jacket that will keep you warmed up and is a lightweight jacket to carry. In cases when you have to stop for lunch or have a cup of tea in the wilderness, you would enjoy putting the warm coat on when you stop before the cold gets to you. Put those mittens, jackets and hats on and settle in for a good rest.

Head, Face and Toes

As kids, we probably never wore hats as well as gloves, but wearing those during winter will help you get covered and keep you warm. We all know that all your heat goes out through the head, feet, and hands. The Aviation or trapper hats that have earflaps are perfect for keeping warm, and a merino wool beanie is excellent for activities during winter. It lets the head stay warm and also allowing the heat to escape at the same time. You can wear it while walking or going out for activities or to do errands. Scarfs are great as well. A merino wool Iris scarf feels soft on the chin and ensures the neck stays warm because the cold can get into the body via the neck. The mid-layer socks are also thick warm wool socks that keep the feet warm.