Spaghetti Sauce with Ground Beef

It is an ideal choice for breakfast because it is simple to prepare with delicious taste. It is a meal that you can make for the family, and your kids will demand it every morning. You are going to enjoy this one.


Ground beef (1 pound)

Sliced onion (1)

Sliced garlic (4 cloves)

Sliced green bell pepper (1)

Diced tomatoes 1 (28 ounces)

Can tomato sauce 1 (16 ounces)

Can tomato paste 1 (6 ounces)

Dry oregano (2 tbsps)

Dry basil (1 tbsp)

Salt 2 tbsps

Black pepper (1/2 tbsp)

How to prepare:

Mix the onion, green pepper, band beef inside a big pan, cook and continue to stir till the meat becomes brown, and the vegetables become soft, then you can drain the grease.

Continue to stir the sliced tomatoes, tomato paste, and sauce inside the pan and season it with the salt, oregano, basil, and pepper. Boil the spaghetti sauce for one hour while you stir occasionally.