Sling Backpacks

Not every outdoor trip requires carrying a humongous backpack. Trips were you need only a few belongings shouldn’t have you packing a suitcase.
In such situations, a sling backpack could do just fine, considering it is stylish and functional.
The regular backpack with two straps, known to rival the sling type, is often discomforting over a more extended period. There’s also the possibility that your belongings could be taken without your knowledge. And you can’t forget how bland they appear.

Buying Guide for Sling Backpacks

Before you click checkout on that sling backpack you have been eyeing for a while, permit us to rock this boat a little: buying a sling backpack goes beyond looking at only aesthetics. There are several things you want to consider before mouthing ‘yes’ to that sling backpack. Below are some of these factors:

Carrying capacity

The smaller the sling backpack, the more lightweight it will be. The carrying capacity of the sling backpack was sacrificed on the altar on the altar of comfort and portability.
Before you pick a single strap backpack, you want to be sure of what you intend to put inside the bag. This is crucial since the capacity of all sling backpacks are not the same.
Yes, this type of backpack isn’t as large as the regular ‘two-strap’ variety. But there are some sling backpacks with a substantial carrying capacity.
Endeavor to scrutinize the backpack size before you make that choice.


While sling backpacks might be known for their overall comfort, it doesn’t always pan out that way, especially if you are going to be placing round pegs in square holes as far the use of the bag is concerned…no harm in doing that elsewhere though.
If you are looking for a sling backpack that would hold a lot of your belongings without putting excess strain on your shoulder girdle, then opt for one that has sufficient padding in the right places.
However, if the sling backpack would only hold things like your mobile devices and a few books, cushion around the shoulder area isn’t compulsory.
There is also the need for you to look out for sling backpacks that have straps that can be switched between both shoulders as this could help make carrying the bag more comfortable.


With a sling backpack, you want something that ensures ease of accessibility of your belongings is topnotch since size isn’t the forte of backpacks of this kind. The design of the bag would decide how feasible this is.
Ideally, look out for sling backpacks that have numerous pockets, so you can place specific items in different areas.
Fortunately, many sling backpacks not only have several pockets, but hidden ones, which could help you in keeping some of your valuables safe.


When picking a sling backpack, you want one that would stand the test of time – think long-term use.
The material used in making a sling backpack is one of the determinants of just how long-lasting the bag becomes.
For instance, some sling backpacks are known to be made from waterproof fabric, which could quite helpful in protecting your belongings when you are unexpectedly caught in heavy rain.

Top Sling Backpacks

Haven’t decided on what sling backpack to purchase? We have done some research on outstanding sling backpacks currently on sale. Here they are in no particular order:

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