Petite Clothing Tips

It is not surprising that a lot of petite ladies are always looking for ways that can make them appear a little taller. If you are a short lady with these concerns, then you should know that petite clothing styles is all about proportions. Also, it is vital to note that balance between the accessories – without losing shape – is very important. Ultimately the most effective petite clothing styles are those that can show a great deal of your figure.
In this article, I have put down some tips that can help you look great.

Avoid oversized handbags
This is one thing that a lot of petite ladies do not seem to care about. It is important for you to use bags that are proportional to your size. This is because the big bags can overwhelm you, therefore, making you look even shorter than you already are. In the same vein, the purse you use should also be of medium size so that it can fit into smaller bags.

Wear a short skirt that does not go below your knees
A long dress can be quite tricky for short girls to wear. If you wear a dress, it could make you appear to be shorter – something I will call the swamping effect. You can avoid this by choosing short skirts that will show more of your legs. Also, try and make sure that the style of the skirt you choose affords you more movement. This can make your legs seem longer.
Go for split maxi dresses
If you are going to wear a maxi dress, it is advisable for you to go for one with a split. Maxi dresses have long sleeves. If you are short, then these long sleeves can create a kind of swamping effect. However, a split maxi dress can counteract this swamping effect and provide more balance to your shape.
Wear trousers that are thin at the legs
As a short girl, it would be in your best interest to totally avoid wearing trousers that are wide at the hem. A pair of well-fitted petite trousers is more suited for your size. On the off chance that you cannot find this style, you can go for a cropped and tapered trouser. It will also do fine.

Use ankle boots rather than knee-high boots
If you have short legs, then you should not be wearing knee-high or thigh-high shoes. When you wear ankle boots, it makes you shorter than you already are. Therefore, stick only to the ankle boots.
Embrace Stripes
Stripes can really help to make you appear taller. You should wear dresses that are striped vertically, especially trousers and single dresses.
Wear fitted dresses
Wear dresses that fit you. As a short lady, a fitted dress will bring out your shape. However, oversized and/or long dresses will make you look shorter. Ensure that the dress is not too long and that it ends just at the waist and not below it.
Use high heel shoes
The logic behind this is very simple. It is the most straightforward – if not the only – way through which you can gain height, or at least appear taller.