Living Room Wall Décoration Tips

Here are some living room wall decoration tips.

Learning Objects

Get inspiration from objects around you by displaying personal effects, leaning them against a wall inside the living room. “I prefer using unique and a little unorthodox item when it comes to designing a wall. Functional surfboards can make a simple wall design if you’re a surfing fan. If you do not like hanging your sporting equipment, try the board or try leaning a massive artwork instead.

Alternative Art

As an alternative to a traditional print or painting, choose something dynamic, like a sculptural object positioned above the fire spot. You can also utilize spaces like a desired spot on the living room wall.

Organized Gallery Wall

If you dislike the idea of an artwork cluster on one wall but enjoy the concept of hanging several works, build an arranged gallery by hanging framed art in organized alignment. An excellent way to create a gallery wall is to utilize the same size frame and put them one after another, building a symmetrical appearance. Make sure you take perfect measurements to enable an equal space between each frame.


Wallpaper is another way to bring an inventive approach to wall decorations. Opt for bold and decorative designs wallpaper covered with a painting. It’s a profound and statement-making choice of print works in an eclectic space. Toy with designs, colors, materials, patterns to build wall décor that’s exciting and calls guest attention.

Small Objects

Create a bookcase into the wall is a great way to show little objects that are pleasing. Arrange small objects, boxes of different or similar patterns, colorful books to enhance the décor of a living room wall. It also works perfectly on a wall containing art and another décor on the walls.

Statement Paintings

It is one of the obvious choices for living room wall décor, just a single statement painting placed above the couch is a lasting look that can change to your tastes. Keep in mind the flow between the floor, ceiling, walls when choosing a Statement Painting. Create a sense of fluidity and balance.


You can enhance the living room wall with family photographs, attach some intriguing vintage or black and white pictures framed and hanged in a sprawling gallery wall. Find unique pieces around you, or while you travel and you take photographs or family photographs, the living room wall is a great place to display them or find original art you can view on living room wall.


Prints are a less expensive way to bring beautiful artistic elements to your home. There are lots of websites that trade original paintings art online offer as well as several cheap prints of similar works. You do not need to purchase the most famous work of art by popular artists. What you need is a simple and precise work of art. Although you can well change your taste and choose your own.