Gothic Clothing Tips

Begin with the easiest. Start utilizing a non-traditional Gothic makeup. Make sure you enjoy the style as much as you feel comfortable. This style has no rules at all, so there’s no need to bother yourself about understanding its tips. Your hair is one fantastic feature that can be dyed or styled in a different way which is different from your everyday look. You can also go for a multi-colored Gothic-styled hair, although black is the popular base color for this trend. You can as well try another popular base color for the pattern. Goth style is a wholly accessorized fashion culture that goes with heavy dark makeup. This style is being worn on the streets thanks to fashion designers and houses using darker collections. Here are few tips for this trend:


If your outfit is black or a darker color, then you do not need to dye your hair black. Now you should make a fashion choice. Your colors don’t have to be the old jet black. You can now toy and mix up colors such as pastels and ombre.


A lot of fashion houses rock their models in dark berry or cherry stained lips. Sometimes they choose ombre by mixing two separate shades of red lipstick, a dark and bright one. For everyday make-ups or wearable outfits, you can select from deep to bright red. The concept is to make your lips the focal point and the rest of the face natural.

Face: Ignore the white foundation and be on your natural skin tone. If you look pale, then you’re lucky.

Eyebrows: Now say bye to unibrows. You need to enhance your brows. Draw them darker or lighter.

Eyes: You can utilize several shades of bronze or blue, brown in darker colors. You can use eyeliners in black or shades, blue or brown. Utilize a lovely noir mascara.

Lips: Black is good, but if you can try the ox-blood or mulberry lipstick shades. There are lots of permanent ones.

Goth Tops

You can let your leather corsets get a lovely print Gothic top.  Pair it with beautiful denim or any other bottoms from your wardrobe. You also have options like putting on blouses, coats, statement shirts, and sexy tops. For men, zipped up leather jackets, fabric or knitted sweaters, draped and cropped leather jackets. During winter, you should layer up the pattern by putting on fleece capes, wrap-ups, and shawls.


You can still wear platform boots, but you should trade them for doll shoes, stilettos, ankle boots, high tops or even peep-toes. A lovely pair of leather shoes for men would look great as well. Zipping it up, slipping on it, or lacing it up does not matter, the vital factor is that it looks dangerous, they are perfect to wear with buckles and spikes. If you tone it down on your accessories, you should wear them on your shoes.