Good American Jeans Tips

Jeans are pretty much a ubiquitous wear and virtually everyone has at least a piece of this item in their wardrobe. Although it is generally worn by people of all ages, jean is more widely popular among people who belong to the lower rungs of the demographic distribution. It is hard to find a fashion-conscious contemporary youth who does not have a pair of jeans in their closet.

Due to the popular use of jean, it has now become quite common for people to wear it awkwardly. You could be one be one of these people. And while you might feel that you are looking very fashionable in that pair of jean trousers, shirt, or gown as the case may be, it could actually be the other way round. In this article, I have made a compilation of a couple of fashion tips for lovers of jean. Read on to find out how you can improve your dressing style.

Check label before buying
It is important to check the tag of the jean you intend to buy. The specifications of the jean will be indicated on the tag. Choosing a perfect pair of jeans does not only imply picking one that you will be comfortable in, but also one that will last a long time. If you check the tag, you can be sure of what the jean is made of and you can make an informed decision based on what fits you.
Jeans made of 100% cotton do not expand. But they are durable and will last long. Jeans with about 2% spandex and/or lycra are slightly elastic and will make you more comfortable. However, they stretch out and become slack over time. Therefore, they might not be as durable as those with 100% cotton.

Look for the right pocket size and shape
You may think that the pocket size of your jean trousers is insignificant. It is very important because it plays a role in how you look from behind. Generally, pockets that are high and taper a little from top to bottom are desirable as they make you backside appear lifted. Avoid a pair of jeans that have no pockets.
Maintain your jean properly
Maintenance of jean can be quite tricky. Jeans are susceptible to bleaching. If you are washing your jeans too frequently, they will fade in no time. You can use your jeans for a very long time without washing them. It is advised that you do not wash your jeans frequently. As a rule of thumb, you should only wash your jeans when they are so visibly dirty or when they start smelling.
Try out denim on denim
Have you tried out denim on denim? Maybe yes. But are you doing it the right way? The simple rule of the denim-on-denim outfit is to wear jean of lighter shade on top of one with a darker shade.
If you have not been trying any of the tips listed here before, you can start now. Applying these simple tips can effectively make you appear smarter and fitter.