Garlic Prime Rib

It is the easiest on the list, and it is a straightforward and easy marinade with delicious and tasty taste. It an excellent choice to try at home and you can easily become addicted to the meal.


Prime rib roast 1 (10 pounds)

Sliced garlic (10 cloves)

Olive oil (2 tbsp)

Salt (2 tbsp)

Ground black pepper (2 tablespoons)

Dry thyme (2 tbsp)

How to prepare:

Put the roast in the pan; ensure that the fatty side faces up. Now mix the olive oil, garlic, pepper, salt, and thyme. Spread the mix across the fat layer and let the roast sit till it gets to room temperature, which can take about one hour.

Ensure that the oven heats to 500 degrees F.

Ensure that it roasts for twenty minutes in the oven, then you can take out the heat or reduce it to 325 degrees F, and keep roasting for about sixty to seventy-five minutes. The temperature inside should be around 135 degrees F for medium-rare.

Let it cool off for ten to fifteen minutes before carving so that the meat can still have its juice.