Canvas Backpacks

Beyond its vintage appearance, this type of backpack is known to be more durable and secure. The canvas backpacks are anything but trendy. Call it antiquated, and you are not wrong, but they are preferred for their old-fashioned outlook and functionality.
What these backpacks lack in style, they make up with size, durability, and old-fashioned security.

Buying Guide for a Canvas Backpack

Jumping on the canvas gravy train without some kind guide would leave you lost in the tunnel. Picking the right a canvas backpack entails understanding what your needs are for a backpack.
Here’s an in-depth guide on ensuring you opt for a canvas backpack that checks all the right boxes:

Material Used

Canvas backpacks might be reputed for being sturdy and durable, but this will depend on the nature of the material used in making the bag.
Accessible materials like cotton are known to survive continuous usage without fading along the line.
The drawback of cotton-based canvas backpacks is they absorb moisture which could affect the durability in the long run. Fortunately, most cotton-based canvas backpacks have an interior lining which protects your belongings.
Polyester is also used in canvas backpacks due to its water-resistant and lightweight nature.
Leather canvas backpacks are even more durable but are pricy and require some maintenance routine.
Whatever you pick, you need to weigh the pros & cons, and then decide if it’s something you can deal with.


Canvas backpacks typically have a pair of straps for securing the bag on your back. You must look out for those that can be adjusted easily. You don’t want to get exhausted by having the straps in one spot when carrying the backpack for a long time.
In addition, you might want to seek those with significant padding on the straps as this could make your use of the backpack comfortable or the opposite – it’s your call.

Number of pockets

One of the things which make the average backpack inconvenient is the need to empty its content when you are looking for a particular item. You can avoid such a mess by settling for a canvas with several pockets.
While most would have a few pockets, you should pick one that has this evenly distributed for a better organization of your belongings.


Like other backpack types, the canvas variety comes in different sizes.
This is particularly important as the content of your canvas backpack might affect its appearance when carried – there are no sturdy frames to keep the shape in check.
If you don’t want your backpack appearing loose or wobbly, then pick the right size.

Locking mechanism

To keep belongings secure, many canvas backpacks have different locking mechanisms. Some are equipped with magnetic closures while others use zippers to ensure your items don’t spill out.
However, you should always pick a canvas backpack with a zipper over the buckle or magnetic closure types as it is more secure.

Top Canvas Backpacks

Take a look at some of the top canvas backpacks current available:
Gootium 21101 Backpack
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